Chaos;Child [ (Crazy-SoL-website)]

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Nhóm dịch: (Crazy-SoL-website)

Số tập: 12/12

thể loại: horror, psychological
chủ đề: murder , vietsub, việt_sub

Ngày phát hành: 2017-01-11

Đạo diễn: Masato Jinbo

Nhà sản xuất: SILVER LINK.

Độ tuổi: Mọi lứa tuổi

Lượt xem: 368

Six years following the events of Chaos:Head, a new string of deaths similar to the New-Gen murders have started up in the newly rebuilt Shibuya area. These incidents have taken the attention of a Highschooler: Takuru Miyashiro, and the newspaper club. Investigating the incidents of the present as well as their connection to the events of the New-Gen Crimes Takuru and his friends find themselves being pulled deeper into the incidents than they ever believed possible.