Kyoukai no Kanata Movie: I'll Be Here - Mirai-hen - Beyond the Boundary: I'll Be Here - Future - Beyond the Boundary Movie, Kyokai no Kanata Movie - Gekijou-ban Kyoukai no Kanata -I'll Be Here- Mirai-hen [ vilo corp]

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Nhóm dịch: vilo corp

Số tập: 1/1

thể loại: fantasy, slice_of_life, supernatural, vietsub, việt_sub

Ngày phát hành: 25-04-2015

Đạo diễn: Taichi Ishidate

Nhà sản xuất: Kyoto Animation

Độ tuổi: Mọi lứa tuổi

Lượt xem: 249

The battle is over, and they can go about their normal lives now...... or so they thought. With no time to rejoice after miraculously saving Mirai from Beyond the Boundary, Mirai lost all her memories. Akihito, now a high school senior, starts to avoid Mirai thinking it’s for the better. Not aware of Akihito’s feelings, Mirai tries to get closer to Akihito. Then, someone who knows of Mirai appears in front of the two. With Akihito’s troubles in vain, Mirai once again sets forth on a battle that forces her to look within.