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Nhóm dịch: (Unmei-website)

Số tập: 1/1

thể loại: tokusatsu, Jdrama, live_action, vietsub, việt_sub

Ngày phát hành: July 9, 1999

Đạo diễn: Katsuya Watanabe

Nhà sản xuất: Đang cập nhật

Độ tuổi: Mọi lứa tuổi

Lượt xem: 233

This movie has to take place between episodes 18 and 19 due to matters concerning two Psyma Family members: Dark King Zylpheeza and Infant Demon Drop. Zylpheeza does not appear to GoGoFive prior to 18, thus any time prior to this episode would have the team know who he is when they shouldn't know. On the other hand, Drop suddenly goes to sleep in 19, which is a prelude to a major shake-up within the Psyma; since Drop is still awake in the movie, it has to take place before then. One minor factor in the movie is GoGoFive not having their V-Lancers, but it isn't necessary that they used them with the other weapons they have in their usage.